Rocky Hill Soccer Club is proud to offer a quality travel soccer program to the residents of Rocky Hill, CT.

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2017-18 SEASON


June 21, 2017

Dear Parent & Player,
Congratulations! The below players have been selected to play on one of the Rocky Hill Soccer Club Travel Teams. Commitment letter emails providing instructions on how to accept your position and provide requested information will go out by the end of Thursday, June 22. Please submit this information by June 30. If you have decided not to accept this position, please contact RHSC President.  

Although most of the Club’s teams play a Fall and Spring schedule, The Rocky Hill Soccer Club considers the Fall season to be its primary season and players are expected to make the commitment necessary to properly field teams. This commitment will require you to participate in 2 practice sessions per week as well as your required participation in League and State Cup Play. The same applies for Spring play, but it is understood that players may play other Spring Sports, and it is expected that the player will make every effort to participate. It is expected that discussion with your coach needs to occur to advise of any possible conflicts with these requirements during both the Fall and Spring Seasons.  By making this commitment you understand that you are fully accountable for fees regardless circumstances e.g., playing part time in the Spring due to Spring Sports, Injuries and deciding to not play in the Spring.  Please understand that we have budgeted based on the number of players and financial commitments have been made to cover the expense of providing these programs for the youth of Rocky Hill.

Please keep in mind that the Rocky Hill Soccer Club has a policy that travel team participants cannot also play on a parks and recreation team. The primary reason for this is to avoid conflicts in game and practice schedules, which would affect both teams. If you have signed for placement on a parks & recreation team, please contact their office to request a refund of your registration fee.

The operation and programs provided by the RHSC is funded solely through fees paid by families and the soccer tournament held in October of each year. We require every family to volunteer their time in planning or working at the tournament in October. Each team is required to choose a representative from their team to serve on the tournament committee for the year. The committee will meet weekly beginning sometime in Mid to late August in preparation for the tournament. The tournament is in its 20th year! We have consistently had over 100 teams participating in past RHSC tournaments. These funds are used to help cover administrative costs as well as subsidize player and coach development through clinics and training. Please consider joining the committee for the Fall 2017 season to continue the success of the RHSC.

Have a great summer vacation!
George Hatzikostas
RHSC President



BOYS U9 Sharks (Head Coach Orlando Valle)
Ajaylal, P
Brar, R
Kunkalaguntla, A
Mennela, L
Parikh, K
Sanker, C
Suljic, A
Sunkara, C
Torres, A
Valle, O
Verma, S
Whelan, K
BOYS U10 Sharks (Head Coach Paul Horta)
Aderhold, M
Bardham, D
Brodeur, G
Conneely, C
Drapeau, B
Falcigno, A
Ferla, P
Mesias, J
Pelaez, N
Pereira, T
Richey, M
Smith, B
Varzeas, S
Walsh, A
BOYS U11 Sharks (Head Coach Tony Leone)
Balog, J
Christensen, C
Demarest, E
DiBattisto, M
Giliberto, A
Gugliotti, A
Kehoe, J
Leone, N
McNamara, B
Moleiro, M
Parziale, N
Rajesh, V
Scirpo, J
Tobon, F
BOYS U10/11 Hawks Academy (Head Coach TBD)
Bhogal, G
Eigo, T
Ghai, L
Iyer, A
Kakkar, P
Mennella, J
Nadimpalli, A
Rajarajan, S
Rehman, A
Robinson, P
Sahoo, S
Shantharam, A
Singh, R
BOYS U12 Sharks (Head Coach Nick Libera)
Ariman, A
Bergeron, D
Castanho, L
Corcoran, N
Jokl, N
Kazmierczak, N
Nadeau, J
Perry, W
Roach, D
Robinson, C
Sidote, J
Thakkar, H
Torres, J
Tyagi, H
Varzeas, A
Zelazny, M
BOYS U13 Sharks (Head Coach TBD)
Aube, W
Aljukic, A
Cusano, D
Demarest, K
Falcigno, A
Gasuk, J
Gawron, J
Giliberto, P
Guerrera, F
Kelley, G
Korkutovic, A
Mathew, E
Mayette, A
Poulin, T
Ramos III, W
Tojanowski, R
BOYS U14/15 Sharks (Head Coach Nick Libera)
Backiel, E
Cusano, N
Jokl, E
Kokic, A
McGowan, J
Mitchell, M
Morello, J
Mudge, J
Ravi, S
Redick, N
Shah, J
Tadikonda, S
Troiano, B
Vallam, S
*looking to add players with Birth Years 2003 & 2004
GIRLS U9 Rockets (Head Coach Courtney Leone)
Androulidakis, O
Anne, I.
Balog, S.
Biella, A.
Conlan, M.
DiBlasi, M.
Leone, I
Murawski, M.
Pandya, M
Sasinouski, A.
Sharma, A.
Tucker, I.
GIRLS U11 Rockets (Head Coach Orlando Valle)
Aderhold, A
Bouchard, K
Coccaro, H
Coggshall, K
Daley, An
Daley, Ar
Grant, A
LaMay, K
Marchand, P
Pacheco, E
Pereau, K
Sessa, G
Valle, E.
GIRLS U10/11 Strikers Academy (Head Coach Brian Zobre)
DiBattisto, I.
DiBlase, O
Fagan, Z.
Fisher, N.
Golino, E.
Holzmiller, M.
Irrizarry, I.
Luby, B
MacDonald, J
Murawski, G
Patemostro, A
GIRLS U12/13 Rockets (Head Coach TBD)
Borukhovich, A
Bozzi, O
Conneely, C
Ferla, B
Italia, A
Kuhn, A
Mamica, A
McKinney, A
Moulin, J
Oszurek, G
Sweeney, S
Vallam, S
Walsh, H
Whelan, S
White, K.
GIRLS U13/14 Rockets (Head Coach Kofi Remey)
Androulidakis, A
Conlan, M
Dawson, C
DiMascio, V
Drumm, K
Ferreira, O
Gau, A
Harding, A
Mascaro, M
McKinney, E
Moulin, J
Oostendorp, K
Ozowalu, C.
Santos, B
Slavin, E
Viera, M
Whelan, K