Rocky Hill Soccer Club is proud to offer a quality travel soccer program to the residents of Rocky Hill, CT.

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2019-2020 SEASON


If you missed tryouts and are interested in potentially joining a team for the upcoming 2019-2020 season please contact  for more information. 


June 16, 2019

Dear Parent & Player,
Congratulations! The below players have been selected to play on one of the Rocky Hill Soccer Club Travel Teams.   

This commitment will require you to participate in 2 practice sessions per week, friendly and league games, tournaments and any other RHSC event. The same applies for Spring play, but it is understood that players may play other Spring Sports, and it is expected that the player will make every effort to participate. It is expected that discussion with your coach needs to occur to advise of any possible conflicts with these requirements during both the Fall and Spring Seasons.  By making this commitment you understand that you are fully accountable for fees regardless of the circumstances e.g., playing part time in the Spring due to Spring Sports, Injuries and deciding to not play in the Spring.  Please understand that we have budgeted based on the number of players and financial commitments have been made to cover the expense of providing these programs for the youth of Rocky Hill.

Please keep in mind that the Rocky Hill Soccer Club has a policy that travel team participants cannot also play on a parks and recreation team. The primary reason for this is to avoid conflicts in game and practice schedules, which would affect both teams. If you have signed for placement on a parks & recreation team, please contact their office to request a refund of your registration fee.

The operation and programs provided by the RHSC is funded solely through fees paid by families and the soccer tournament held in October of each year. We require every family to volunteer their time in planning or working at the tournament in October. Each team is required to choose a representative from their team to serve on the tournament committee for the year. The committee will meet weekly beginning sometime in Mid to late August in preparation for the tournament. The tournament is in its 22nd year! We have consistently had over 125 teams (last year we had 159 teams) participating in past RHSC tournaments. These funds are used to help cover administrative costs as well as subsidize player and coach development through clinics and training. Please consider joining the committee for the Fall 2019 season to continue the success of the RHSC.

Have a great summer vacation!
George Hatzikostas
RHSC President

            2019-2020 Boys U09 (2011-12)            

            Coach: TBD

            Skoplyak, Nikolas          

            Nguyen, Andrew           

            D'Agostino, Paul            

            Thakkar, Smayan           

            Balan, Andrew  

            McKinney, Julian           

            Varad, Anirudh

            Golino, Samuel

            Crawford, Hunter          

            Grigorian, David            


            2019-2020 Boys U10 (2010)                 

            Coach: Gareth Wilkinson

            Shiv Kumar, Vivaan       

            Gupta, Vihaan   

            Emanuel, Brayden         

            Allison, Nicholas            

            Fisher, Jacob     

            Coggshall, Carter           

            Padole, Vihan   

            Margiotta, Mason         

            Jangle, Aryan    

            Wilkinson, Cullen

            Caiza, Matias


            2019-2020 Boys U11 (2009)                 

            Coach: Orlando Valle

            Verma, Somil    

            Ren, Matthew   

            Shahu, Steven   

            Gaer, Aleksander          

            Brar, Ranvir      

            Suljic, Alem       

            Ajaylal, Pranav  

            Kerz, Maxwell   

            Kemburaj, Bharath        

            Sunkara, Siddharth        

            Valle, Orlando   


            2019-2020 Boys U12 (2008)                 

            Coach: Paul Horta

            Varzeas, Sergio

            Falcigno, Alex    

            Pelaez, Noah     

            Drapeau, Braden           

            Bardhan, Daniel

            Nema, Manav   

            Ferla, Paolo      

            Pereira, Tiago   

            Walsh, Aidan    

            Khangura-Rai, Udham   

            Khangura-Rai, Ustat      

            Conneely, Connor         

            Margiotta, Chase          

            Ghai, Laksh       

            Wasu, Suhaan


            2019-2020 Boys U13 (2007)     

            Coach: Mike Caccomo                                        

            Scirpo, James    

            Demarest, Erik  

            Salamone, Cole

            Christensen, Corey        

            Robinson, Peyton          

            Parziale, Nico    

            Gugliotti, Adriano          

            Kehoe, John      

            DiBattisto III, Michael    

            McNamara, Brodie        

            Miranda, Enzo   

            Giliberto, Andrew         

            Jikia, Shalva      

            Chandra, Aanay


            2019-2020 Boys U14/15 (2005-06)                   

            Coach: Paul Horta

            Varzeas, Alessio            

            Nadeau, Jason  

            Bergeron, Devin            

            Kazmierczak, Noah        

            Zelazny, Mateusz          

            Thakkar, Heet   

            Jokl, Nicholas    

            Aube, William   

            Demarest, Kyle

            Roach, Daniel    

            Corcoran, Nathan          

            Robinson, Casey            

            Falcigno, Andrew          

            Torres, Josiah    

            Kalidasan, Prithvik         

            Tyagi, Hrideyesh           

            Ramos III, William         

            Perry, William   

            Salian, Sohan


            2019-2020 Girls U09/U10 (2011-2012)             

            Coach: TBD

            Doko, Isabela    

            Holzmiller, Brooklyn      

            Sibal, Ridhi        

            Tucker, Chloe    

            Howard, Emily  

            Xhelaj, Alyssa    

            Brooker, Hailey

            Bergeron, Jada  

            Dollak, Grace    

            de Melo, Naya  

            Slattery, Mila    

            Androulidakis, Olivia     

            Jurewicz, Isabella          

            LaMay, Morgan

            Incarvito, Juliana           

            Gau, Anna         


            2019-2020 Girls U11 (2009)                 

            Coach: TBD

            Balog, Sarah      

            Tucker, Isabella

            Sasinouski, Aubrey        

            D'Agostino, Sara            

            Baldwin, Lauren

            Incarvito, Samantha      

            Kazmierczak, Cayla        

            Miano, Catherine          

            Mayette, Iyla    

            DiBlasi, Giulia    

            Cristalli, Mia     

            Murawski, Mia  


            2019-2020 Girls U12 (2008)

            Coach: Diego Lopez

            Aurigemma, Madisyn    

            Scirpo, Samantha          

            Holzmiller, Mackenzie   

            LaJoy, Kylie       

            Jani, Anushka    

            DiBattisto, Isabella        

            DiBiase, Olivia   

            Murawski, Giana           

            Golino, Ella       

            Pagan, Jayleen  

            Emanuel, Hailey            


            2019-2020 Girls U13/U14 (2006-2007)                 

            Coach: John Faienza

            Daley, Angelina

            Aderhold, Anna

            Coggshall, Katelyn         

            Marchand, Paige           

            Pereau, Kaitlyn  

            Bouchard, Katelyn         

            LaMay, Kelsey   

            Sessa, Giuliana  

            Ferla, Brianna   

            Kuhn, Alexa      

            Bozzi, Olivia      

            Sweeney, Skylar            

            McKinney, Alicia 

            Roderick, Noelia            

            Mamica, Amber

            Margiotta, Lily  

            Italia, Lauren